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[Durarara!!] Intermission Translation


( ) are thought bubbles
[ ] are sounds, speech no in bubbles
{ } are my notes and text in boxes

Translator's Notes: This was meant to be a Christmas present, but... ;_; ah life. I came upon this way back when I first got into Durarara!! (the Chinese version is still up on Aarinfantasy), but I could not read Chinese ^^". Then, one day in Japan, I found it at Mandarake! Then Tada! Here is the translation for you to enjoy! I really love these types of Shizaya stories (>_> *guilty guilty*). It's a bit like Bon's Nemesis, neh? Anyways, enjoy! Happy (late) holidays!

Page 5
{Izaya}: Ah today is
{Izaya}: the worst

Page 6
Izaya: Urgh...
[sharp pain]
Izaya: Damn
(Izaya): It's probably my ribs... piercing my lungs
Guy: You're Izaya, right?

Page 7
{Izaya}: I messed up
Izaya: Che
(Izaya): As expected, I am also no match against sheer numbers
Guy: Die!!
(Izaya): How troubleso...
Guy: You bastard!!
Izaya: ...Uh

Page 8
{Izaya}: Being resented in return is also good.
(Izaya): If I don't contact Awakusu-kai in advance afterwards...
(Izaya): That lot probably won't be socially obliterated
{Izaya}: Hmm but still
{Izaya}: I should admire them for not acting according to my expectations
Izaya: For that reason, humans are... heh heh
Izaya: Ugh

Page 9
Izaya: Shit...... This time the pain's exceeding my limits
Izaya: Ow...
{Izaya}: The human body is delicate. The internal organs can easily get damaged with just a few shocks
Izaya: There's not a biscuit in my pocket but
Izaya: a single knife
{Izaya}: Humans that think for themselves can also easily choose death
(Izaya): As long as it's not that guy...
Izaya: Ugh
{Izaya}: Although I didn't want to think about that guy

Page 10
(Izaya): Anyway, I should get away from here...... I don't want to wind up with those guys
(Izaya): I refuse to meeting a human I don't want to meet
{Izaya}: Although
Shizuo: Yo......
{Izaya}: Of all things, the person I didn't want to meet the most
Shizuo: Hey, you. What are you doing in Ikebukuro? Izaya-kun

Page 11
Izaya: ...... Ah, Shizu-chan
Izaya: You haven't died yet?
{Izaya}: Really, how many times has this happened? Today, tomorrow, surely
Shizuo: What did you say? You...
Izaya: Heh heh
Izaya: Heh heh heh

Page 12
Shizuo: Don't you laugh!!
(Izaya): Ah, this is bad
{Izaya}: Today really is

Page 13
Shizuo: Oi... Hey
Shizuo: ...... Izaya?
{Izaya}: The worst

Page 14
Shinra: Really you two... Until when are you going to go on like this?
Shinra: Then again, even if I say that, the day you two reconcile would be the cataclysm.
{Shinra}: Boom! Boom!
Shizuo: Shut up......
Shinra: I thought that you had nothing but malice towards Izaya, but that doesn't seem to be the case. He was finally in such a state, so you could've dealt a finishing blow.
Shizuo: I don't remembering being the kind of human who would hit a sick person.

Page 15
Shizuo: I would've killed him instantly if he was his usual lively self.
{Shizuo}: Giving me that expression and then collapsing into a heap.
{Shizuo}: That
{Shizuo}: That was the first time I saw such an expression on Izaya.
Shinra: Ah, this is a first for you right now isn't it?
Shizuo: ?

Page 16
Shinra: That is, you have a special body. The strength of your bones and muscles aren't ordinary.
Shizuo: ... quiet you. It's not like I enjoy it.
Shinra: No, it isn't about you. I meant Izaya.
Shizuo: Hah?
Shinra: That guy certainly hasn't talked about it. He's the worst kind of person who would make you want to vomit.
Shinra: That Izaya's body is normal. His reflexes are more or less pretty good, but in the end he's normal.
Shinra: Now, to say that he's normal is an average description.

Page 17
Shinra: Ah, I'll tell you, but I don't especially want to protect Izaya.
(Shizuo): The flea's normal......
Shinra: Nevertheless as your friend...
Shinra: As a doctor, I think I should tell you once.
[looks away]
Shizuo: That rascal's to blame for charging at me.
(Shinra): I think that we are equal in status in this regard.
(Shinra): If I say things like that, you'll shut yourself off so I don't say them.
[Shinra]: knock on wood

Page 18
Shinra: Hmm, somehow or another if you bear that in mind from now on, I'd feel much better.
(Shizuo): He's saying that I've forgotten that that guy is an ordinary human huh? I've never thought of such things.
{Shizuo}: Shit......

Page 19
[click click click...]
Celty: He's fine. He's resting right now.
Shizuo: I'm... not particularly worried.
Celty: But it's on your mind right?
Celty: Please don't start a rampage in here.
Shizuo: Got it......

Page 20
Shizuo: Anyway, I don't want to cause any trouble for Shinra and you.
(Shizuo): I wonder if......
Shizuo: ......

Page 21
(Shizuo): He's sleeping just like this huh?
(Shizuo): His slender neck
(Shizuo): The carotid artery
(Shizuo): If I use a little force, then I could kill him right now.
(Shizuo): Isn't that good... I

Page 22
(Shizuo): I should end it like this.
(Shizuo): It's different......
Izaya: Go right ahead.

Page 23
Shizuo: You're awake...!!
Izaya: Weren't you hesitating whether or not to kill just now?
Izaya: I would've thought the same if I were in Shizu-chan's position. To be truthful, since Shizu-chan saw me in this state, I'm as good as dead.

Page 24
Izaya: I didn't want Shizu-chan to see me in such state. So I'd better ask you for a favor
Izaya: "Please kill me"
Shizuo: Stop bullshitting me. Since you asked me to kill you I refuse.
Izaya: It's good to be euthanized early. Even though people ask for death, you'd be charged with murder if you do it yourself.
Izaya: How unfortunately unbearable.

Page 25
Izaya: Choosing one's death is a right given to everyone.
Shizuo: ..... Do you also want to die early?
Izaya: No~ way
(Shizuo): Rather, die now!!
Shizuo: That's totally different from what you just said!!
Izaya: Therefore, didn't I say so just now? You seeing me like this is the same as dying.
Izaya: It's not my body but my spirit that you've damaged.

Page 26
Shizuo: ...... I don't understand you at all. I seriously want to kill you now...... Even though Celty said not to, I'll just smite you right now.
(Izaya): You're really simple-minded, Shizu-chan.
[Izaya]: It's just as I expected this time. Although your words were within the range of what I anticipated, I cannot read your actions at all.
{Izaya}: That's why I
Izaya: Shit...
{Izaya}: really hate you

Page 27
(Shizuo): He's calmly getting up eh? And having such an ordinary conversation. I don't want talk to this guy.
[Shizuo]: Che
Izaya: Right. Please make my death quick.
Shizuo: Haah?

Page 28
Izaya: I still have a lot of things I want to see and know in this world. I understand now that the world still has interesting occurrences like this.
Shizuo: ???
Izaya: Shizu-chan's expression was not shown carelessly was it? Even though I was seen like this, it's fine.
Izaya: With this we're even.

Page 29
Shizuo: Are you kidding? I'll kill you right now!!
Izaya: Ahahahaha
(Shizuo): Shit. What's going on now?
{Shizuo}: This guy's expression
[Izaya]:Ow ow ow...
{Shizuo}: Really looks like he's having fun
(Shizuo): Shinra didn't meant that this is really a prelude to catastrophe right?

Page 30
Izaya: Hah...... I'm tired.
(Shizuo): That is those words. I'll say them.
Shizuo: ...... That's not in your nature.
Izaya: Shizu-chan's not like this either.
(Izaya): It really isn't in my nature. To be in such high spirits
Izaya: Then I'll do something that's also not in my nature...
Shizuo: Ah?

Page 31
Shizuo: I can't hear you.
Shizuo: What did you...

Page 32
Izaya: Un
Izaya: Fuwah
Izaya: My gift to you
Shizuo: !?
[Izaya]: Ahahahaha
Izaya: Wow I get see Shizu-chan's interesting expression~!

Page 33
Shizuo: Y~o~u
(Izaya): Ah, crap...?
[Izaya]: Eh?
Shizuo: Hurry and die! Flea!

Page 34
(Izaya): Eh..... was it too much?
(Izaya): He acted completely outside of my predictions...... I really can't read Shizu-chan.

Page 35
[stomp stomp]
Shizuo: What what what w-what!! Was that, freaking flea!!!
Shizuo: What was he thinking!?
Shizuo: Gross gross gross gross! So gross!!!

Page 36
[stomp stomp stomp]
(Shinra): Ah~...... I have only bad premonitions about this.....
[Shinra]: Ah...
Shizuo: Shinraa!!
Shizuo: I'm borrowing your bathroom!!!
Shinra: Sure...?
(Shinra): Bathroom...?

Page 37
[gurgle gurgle gurgle]
[crack crack crack]
Shinra: !?
Shinra: W-wait Shizuo! Stop destroying our house will you!?

Page 38
Izaya: Well
Izaya: Perhaps perhaps perhaps not, that earlier reaction
Izaya: was his first kiss?
Izaya: If that was the case, then then......

Page 39
Izaya: It was stolen by the most hated me!
Izaya: What you must be feeling now, Shizu-chan
Izaya: My worst day has
Izaya: gotten a big change!!
Izaya: Ah...
Izaya: All the same... moving makes me nauseous
Izaya: ...... but
Izaya: making him hate me was a huge success

Page 40
[Both]: Ah, today was the
{Izaya}: Best
{Shizuo}: Worst
[Both]: Day of my life!





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