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Dekkai Shizuo to Chitchai Izaya no Hon 3
By World Box

Requested by Kurgy

( ) are thoughts
[ ] are sounds
{ } are my notes and any texts not in bubbles or clouds

Page 1 - Colored Title

Page 2 - B/W Title

Page 3
Izaya: Really
Izaya: Shizu-chan is too insistent!
Shizuo: Geeet baaack heeere!
Shizuo: It’s because you came!
Izaya: Oops!

Page 4
Izaya: That’s how it is, huh?
Izaya: Even if I don’t come, we still meet by chance… I feel like I’m loved by a monster… Therefore you…
Shizuo: Nevertheless
Shizuo: I just have to hit you!
Izaya: !
Izaya: [grunt]
Shizuo: Even you…
Izaya: [sound of pain]

Page 5
Shizuo: … wait to get hit?
Shizuo: !
Izaya: You’re the one who’s waiting.
{Box}: You’ve probably heard this explanation already, but whenever this man is in a pinch, if he snaps his finger, he takes the form of a kid.
Shizuo: I know.

Page 6
Shizuo: Hurry up and change!

Shizuo: Ngh…
{Box}: This is the 3rd time he became this kid.
Shizuo: (It’s morning…)
{Box}: Today is the 3rd time it’s the last day.
Shizuo: (Why is he sleeping on my stomach?)

Page 7 - Title

Page 8
Shizuo: Oh, you slept well.
Izaya: Are you going to work today?
Shizuo: Today’s my day off, so I’m not going.
Izaya: {something along the lines of} I want to go out! I want to go out!
Shizuo: {something along the lines of} I’m not going out! I’m not going out!
{Text}: A loud voice from Heiwajima’s house…
{Above Celty’s head}: “Meow!”
{Shinra}: (Not uncommon!)
Izaya: {something along the lines of} I want to go out! I want to go out!
Shizuo: {something along the lines of} I’m not going out! I’m not going out!
{Bushes}: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!
{Bushes}: Yelp! Yelp! Yelp! Yelp!

Page 9
Shizuo: Good grief…
Shizuo: We’re just staying in the neighborhood!
Shizuo: Don’t fall!
Shizuo: Ah…
Izaya: Kyaaah! Did you see my pants {underwear?}?
Shizuo: You had them on… I think.

Page 10
{Background} Baked… potato… Baked potato
Shizuo: Fall, huh.
Shizuo: Brats always…
Izaya: !
Izaya: I want to eat it!
Shizuo: Okay okay.
Shizuo: One please
Guy: Okay!
Shizuo: It’s hot, so be careful.
Izaya: Uwah!

Page 11
Shizuo: Didn’t I tell you?
Shizuo: Ahh…
Shizuo: It’s sweet and tasty.
Izaya: (Passive smoker {kiss?}… It was snatched away.)
Shizuo: What are you thinking?

Page 12
Twins: Ah, Shizuo-kun!
Shizuo: Kurui
Shizuo: Mairu
Shizuo: Oh, it’s your sisters. Just great, they can take you back…
Shizuo: What? Where’d he go?
Mairu: Who’s this kid?

Page 13
Mairu: This kid is Izaya?
Kurui: Cute…
Mairu: So small!
Kurui: Like pork bits {mini wiener}!
Shizuo: Pork bits uuuuuuhaaaa! {hahahahaha!!!}
Mairu: Kiiiii! {hahahahaha!}

Page 14
Shizuo: Phone
Shizuo: Yes?
Shizuo: Eh? Right now?
Shizuo: It’s fine.
Shizuo: Yeah.
Shizuo: I have to go to work, so I just leave you with your sisters…
Izaya: Shizu-chan, they will xxx and xxxx, and lastly xxxxxx to me! Are you okay with that?!
Shizuo: They’re your sisters.
Izaya: No no! Take me with you! Don’t leave me with these guys!
{Izaya?}: Please, stop!
Shizuo: “Oi! Stop it! You’re hitting my face!
Shizuo: Please… do me a favor…
Shinra: I heard you guys. (Pork bits)

Page 15
Shinra: Today I have some guests over. It’s probably best to not let them know that you’re Izaya.
Izaya: ?
Akabayashi: Oh, isn’t that the lost child?
Shinra: Huh? You’ve met him?
Akabayashi: I kind of saw him earlier. Na~ Come here…
Akabayashi: Shiki-san, what did you do to make him like you?
Shiki: I’m stumped…

Page 16
Shinra: Ikkun {Izaya} milk.
Akabayashi: Oichan {nephew}, you didn’t let me look after you, so I’m sad.
Akabayashi: Oh!
Akabayashi: I’ll make a good thing from this for you Oichan.
Shinra, Shiki, Izaya: ?
Akabayashi: Tada!
{X}: “Cute towel”
Izaya: You shouldn’t do that!
Shiki: What the hell are you doing?

Page 17
Shinra: Iza… Ikkun, are you hungry? Do you want pancakes?
Izaya: Yes!
Shinra: So let’s both go make some.
Shinra: If it’s okay, please eat some.
Shiki: Well… that’s…
Shinra: Please don’t be reserved.
Shiki: …
Akabayashi: Did you eat too many pancakes with the misses?
Shiki: I ate a parfait yesterday. I believe the shop was called ‘Milky Way’…
Shiki: The informant said he wanted to eat there…

Page 18
{Box}: During cooking
Izaya: Shinra! Can I flip it?
Shinra: Okay okay~
Shinra: Good luck!
Shinra: AHH!
Shiki: An enemy!?
Akabayashi: (I can’t believe this person ate a parfait!)

Page 19
Akabayashi: You scared us, sensei.
Shinra: Sorry… I scared myself too.
Izaya: Time to eat!
Akabayashi: Good!
Izaya: Is it tasty?
Shiki: It’s tasty.
Shiki: You made it very well.
Shinra: (What a wonderful sight)

Page 20
Shinra: Eh? Is it too big?
Izaya: I’m not eating this yet.
Shinra: Eh?
Izaya: I’m going to give this one I made.
{Text}: As a child, he says this…
Shinra: I’m sure he’ll be pleased!

Page 21 - Blank

Page 22
Shizuo: You’re skipping…
Shizuo: You were at Shinra’s this entire time. What did you bring {I couldn’t read this kanji from the scan}?
Shizuo: ?
Shizuo: A pancake?
Izaya: I made it!
Izaya: I’m specially giving it to Shizu-chan!

Page 23
Shizuo: Izaya…
Shizuo: (He left ½ for me…)
Izaya: Ahhh
Shizuo: Ahhh
{Text}: Today… one week…
Shizuo: … as I thought…
{Izaya?}: Don’t eat my fingers too!!!
{Box}: The 3rd time was very fun.


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(Deleted comment)
May. 4th, 2012 12:02 am (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply!
Of course you may use my translation! I'm honored! Please give credit to "LeviathanoftheSky."

I did the translation a while ago, so I don't think it's completely accurate. If you want, I can look it over again next Tuesday (after my finals) before you use it.

~ Sky
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